Rockchip USB driver for Windows 8

llObqDTRockchip has released latest Rockusb drivers v3.5, fixed few bugs and added Win8 support.

Release notes

1. Imprint

Rockusb drive equipment upgrades for the PC side, and applies to all above windows2000 Department

2. Major changes

1. Device connection time on the computer too long, causing the upgrade to fail
2. Driving a blue screen problem
3. Win8 32/64 support

3. Application Note

Drive Select, enter the Driver directory, directory based on the current operating system platform to the next level (x86 32-bit platforms, x64 64-bit platforms), the final choice depending on the version of the operating system

Driver installation or update is successful, can be found in the device manager inside the Rockchip equipment, View Properties -> driver details, confirm the driver version.

Download here